Bergamo - Las Palmas
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lun, 01.10.18 07:20LPA (10kg)
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Serinity Amadores Apartments

Spagna, Playa Amadores


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Serenity Amadores unites everything that you need in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday, far away from the hectic of cities and work life. The views to the Playa Amadores beach, the tranquility that can be breathed within the whole property and the apartments with their beautiful terraces surrounded by small water-falls, create the perfect setting to fully enjoy your vacation.

One of the big advantages of the property is the geographical situation. Within a short drive you will find yourself playing golf, relax in a soothing Talasso-Therapy or eat in one of the most famous restaurants of Gran Canaria. And if you like shopping, you will find shopping malls in the south of the island with restaurants, boutiques, cinemas...


Our resort is located above one of the most famous beaches of the island. The Playa Amadores beach has been recently re-sculptured and remodelled with perfect white and very fine sand.


C/san borondón, 9 -playa amadores -mogán -gran canaria




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