Brindisi / Puglia - Roma (Fiumicino)
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mer, 22.08.18 09:40BDS (10kg)
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sab, 25.08.18 08:15FCO (10kg)
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Italia, Roma


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The Hotel Cecil offers wonderful 3 star hotel accommodation in the heart of Rome, just a stone''s throw away from the famous Spanish Steps and spectacular Trevi Fountain, and within walking distance of the city''s most exclusive shopping streets, Via Veneto and Via dei Condotti. The 41 rooms are furnished with refined taste and endowed with all the comforts: as soon as you walk in, you will be won over by the intimate and welcoming atmosphere that you breathe in. The ambiance is so pleasant and familiar, that it will be a treat for you to relax here after a long day visiting Rome or fulfilling work obligations.


Hotel Cecil is strategically located in the center of Rome. It is the perfect spot for those who are looking for a pleasant stay in the heart of the Eternal City, without being exposed to the typical annoyance of a large, cosmopolitan city. The unique and classy property, housed in a delightful 16th century building, combines a respect for the past and an appreciation of culture with modern amenities and services, such as a computer station and Internet Point. Its large lobby features a display of archaeological remains and old paintings while the main entrance to the hotel boasts impressive 18th century doors. A terrace located on the top floor offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the city-a special,romantic meeting place that can set the scene for pleasant conversation,create a soothing backdrop for quiet time, or serve as a privileged observation point where you can simply stop and wonder at one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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