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Pousada Castelo Palmela

Portugal, Palmela


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    Come find a moment of living history situated between the impressive Sado estuary and the magical and majestic Mountain of Arrábida. Sleep in a place whose initial occupation dates back to 300 years before Christ and feel like a real knight in the ancient castle, fortified by the Moors between the eighth and ninth centuries. With all the comforts of the twenty-first century, come to know this most serene witness of the history of Portugal.

    Even without this engaging story, your stay at the Pousada of Palmela will always be a unique experience: situated at 230 meters above sea level, the view over the natural park of the Mountain of Arrábida and the Sado River. Take your favorite book to Pátio do Pessegueiro and admire the breathtaking scenery. Or move towards your bedroom window for the first time and resist the temptation of sitting on the settees, the stone benches by the window.

    And when you are ready to return to modern times, the experiences that await you have nothing ordinary nor common: around you, you will find 3 of the most renowned national wineries: Bacalhôa, Dona Ermelinda de Freitas and José Maria da Fonseca. Ask the staff to book an unforgettable visit and meet the vast and much unknown world of wine at the Setúbal peninsula. Be sure to also try to find Venâncio da Costa Lima, who produced the best muscatel wine of 2011. As an ambassador for the region, the Palmela historic hotel is happy to give you directions to make many toasts during your stay. If you prefer the views over wines, the Arrábida Mountain has everything for you: winding roads between the green and the deep blue sea, hidden beaches only accessible by paths in the middle of the unique and exclusive flora of this park, restaurants that feature the freshest grilled fish, sightseeing spots and places that present nature to you in an almost primordial state.

    If you want to balance contemplation with a good dose of action, the Sado estuary has a resident community of dolphins that will delight you - and if you come with your family, your children will be entertained over endless hours. In fact, take advantage of it and bring your school aged children to the Pousada of Palmela and give them a history lesson they''ll never forget. It is easier to understand the third reconquest of the Castle if they understand how it was possible to see the enemy in the distance of the ""sadinos"" fields. Show them the almenara, the small tower in the Pátio das Armas where you could make smoke signals during the day and fires by night and explain how it was possible to communicate directly with Lisbon and Alcácer do Sal so many centuries ago, before the invention of cell phones.

    Sleep in the old cells, imagine their footsteps echoing along the wide corridors accompanied by songs, stay in the rooms and imagine the long battles that were fought in the fields surrounding you.

    Time shifts, it stretches while you dine in the old cafeteria of the order of warrior-monks, it flies when you sit in a comfortable chair in the cloisters to appreciating what surrounds you. Find the fifteenth century counters. In the corridors, surprise yourself with the decorative carvings that belong to the Pousada''s Assets, be enchanted by the original fountain of the room that precedes the restaurant, where the monks used to wash their hands before meals. But make no mistake: the great charm of this historic hotel aren''t just the centuries of each piece that you''ll find here, its greatest appeal is that all the former convent can be yours.


    Sleep in a place whose initial occupation dates back to 300 years before Christ and feel like a real knight in the ancient castle, fortified by the Moors between the eighth and ninth centuries.


    R. duque de palmela 317, 2950, 317 lisboa