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Pirita Beach Apartments & SPA

Estonia, Tallinn


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    Pirita Beach House was originally built for the 1980 Olympic Games and the area was also the heart of the Olympic village. Pirita Beach House opened on 13th of July 1979 and has been renovated in 2005. This is a historic landmark at a prime location near the beach, perfect for a pleasant Baltic getaway (EP 07/16)


    Pirita Resort Apartments & Spa is located in Pirita district infront on the Pirita Beach at the Pirita Beach House. With its popular beach, adventure park, yachting harbour and fitness activities (walking, running, roller skating), Pirita is Tallinn''s destination for fun and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy a meal and sea view in one of the pubs and restaurants on site by the Pirita coast. Further inland, Pirita boasts the Tallinn TV Tower with to the highest viewpoint in the country. The Tallinn Botanic Garden is located nearby. Filled with rare plant species, the garden is a perfect place to go for a walk or do sports. There is a scenic promenade that connects the Pirita beach with the centre of Tallinn. A quieter way to enjoy Pirita is to head across the road to the Pirita River delta, where row boats, canoes and water bicycles can be rented. Also this is the location of nearby Pirita''s own little piece of medieval architecture ? the ruins of 15th century St. Bridget?s Convent.


    Merivälja tee 5

    Tallinn 11911