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Pousada Castelo Óbidos

Portugal, Obidos


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e inspired by the village, which is visible from afar protected by walls, with its whitewashed houses and colorful gardens. This is an enclosed and inviting place, secluded and attractive, haughty and insidious. Come visit the walls and the medieval gates of the Castle, where once trod galloping knights, you reach the old castle, your retreat from the modern world for the next few days.

Walk through these worn out stones, cross the magnificent stone jambs, enjoy the view of the amazing Manuel-style windows, and let your imagination take you back to a time, not so long ago, when the waters of the Óbidos Lagoon reached the foothills of the small mountain in which the castle is located.

Enjoy the numerous tapestries of Portalegre and the very ancient Portuguese chests decorating your route. Be sure to take a picture next to the castle keeper, the original armor without the left index finger, lost in some time forgotten battle. Be sure to try to open the iron chest as well, whose secret mysterious contents are still to be unraveled.

If you stay at Casa do Castelo, you will have a better idea of what it means to live in such a secluded and quiet village. Put on your most comfortable shoes and dare to walk the entire wall protecting the village. So that your days here can be absolutely memorable, marvel your sight with the sandy areas, which are now agricultural fields, and, farther away, the sea.

Outside the castle, you''ll have the whole medieval village and streets to explore. Put on some comfortable shoes and stroll through the wall from one end to the other. If you visit the village at its peak - the Medieval Fair - you can walk around in clothes of the period, have a special meal at the restaurant and truly travel back in time. Families also love the Christmas Village season and everyone, with no exception, has a hard time resisting the lure of the ChocolateFestival, an experience that will make your holiday even sweeter. Don''t forget to take time to taste the Ginja (sour cherry) in any of the local pubs.

Whether you choose to stay in the castle for a true medieval experience, among austere towers and heavy stone, or prefer to stay at the Casa do Castelo, in the village houses which were transformed and adapted to offer you a comfortable stay, this hotel in Óbidos is bound to delight you.

Walk down the stairs, open the doors, peek into the towers: the hall of the Mayors Palace (Paço dos Alcaides), with its impressive fireplace and its Manuel-style windows, is the perfect setting for a memorable meal overlooking the history of Portugal. Copper pieces and original dishes adorn this site, punctuated by a huge fireplace where you can now find the best national wine products.

Come spend a few days at the Obidos Castle, one of Portugal''s 7 wonders and one of the most iconic and inspiring villages for you to travel back in time, from the time of D. Afonso Henriques'' conquest in 1148 to the establishment of this site as a dowry for the queens of Portugal, with the marriage of D. Dinis. A truly monumental way to celebrate love.

Once you arrive, you''ll find birds of prey. In fact, the eagles and falcons at the entrance were placed there in honor of D. Dinis, the major promoter of falconry in Portugal. Its nobility and independence honour all the traits that make free spirits out of all men and women who walk these walls.

Walk to the Porta da Traição (The Gate of Betrayal), the place that enabled the recapture of the Obidos castle, and sit down to taste one of the Pousadas'' appetizers: the cherry kir, an original, sweet and refreshing introduction to the flavors of the region. Furthermore, the view overlooking the Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone (Senhor da Pedra), an uncommon and original Baroque work hosting a quaint stone cross that was said to have miraculous powers, and which many people, including D. John V, held in great devotion, is both unique and absolutely memorable. The sea in the background, revealed among the hills, makes all this scenery even more fantastic.


his venue, converted into a Pousada of Portugal, is one of the most impressive and romantic sites you''ll ever visit, with its huge historical background, its medieval features and its countless legends and love stories.


Paço real s/n, 2510-999 Óbidos, portugal




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