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Pantheon Inn

Italy, Rome


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    The Pantheon Inn is located in a historical building dating back to 1641. This was the home to none other than the famous Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi was a central figure in the Italian Risorgimento and invariable historical, and political analysis have been written on his enterprises. Garibaldi?s popularity, his charisma, and military victories made a decisive contribution to the unification of Italy. The huge popularity he achieved among his contemporaries carries on with posterity. From 1873 onwards Garibaldi settled in this building several times. This was shortly after publishing I Mille and during the years of his election, his literary works and his marriage to Francesca Armosino. As a Member of the House, of this newly created nation, he proposed the first political plan. This consisted in the universal adult suffrage act, the reconstruction of Italy, the drainage of the Pontine land and a project to render the Tiber waterway navigable. In nearly all Italian cities there is at least one statue of Garibaldi and almost all of hem have one common feature: the eyes of Garibaldi are always pointed toward Rome, the city which he never managed to conquer.


    The Pantheon Inn is a miracle of survival, remaining little altered through the intervening centuries and retaining many original features. The Pantheon Inn overlooks the fascinating Piazza della Minerva embedding centuries of history. The Pantheon Inn is undoubtedly your best location as a starting point to discover Rome: Piazza della Minerva with its famous Bernini baby elephant, Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon also known as Augustus Mausoleum, the Basilica of Saint Augustine, Largo Argentina with the Jewish ghetto. Both Piazza Navona and Campo de? Fiori are a few minutes walking distance.


    Via di santa caterina da siena, 57

    Rome 00186