Nürnberg - Rom Ciampino
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Parkhotel Villa Grazioli

Italien, Grottaferrata



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Highly recommended product , high value for money, with easy access to city centre of Rome by transportation, ideally located in Frascati Area surronded by hills and close to Ciampino Airport, perfect choice for anyone who wants to visit Rome without staying in the city centre but in a deluxe villa complex just few kms far. Villa Grazioli offers guests an enchanting outdoor swimming pool wrapped in nature, and different recreational activities in the nearby, like a Golf Club and a Wellness Center, with special agreements. The swimming pool is open from June 1st to September 30th


Surronded by hills, in Frascati area, very close to Rome Ciampino Airport, hotel has easy access to city centre of Rome by pubblic transportation or train that will connect clients in 25 mins to Rome Termini.Villa Grazioli offers a free shuttle to and from the Frascati railway station that is connected to Rome Termini station by 25? train. The eternal city stretches up to Villa Grazioli?s feet showing itself in all its beauty. During the day, it is possible to distinguish some of the domes of the city, including the imposing shape of St. Peter dome; in the night, when the sun sets just in front of the Villa, the city turns on proving the other face of its immense charm. Villa Grazioli offers a free shuttle to and from the Frascati railway station that is connected to Rome Termini station by 25? train. Hotel Villa Grazioli has also easy access to Tivoli. Ancient city with Latin name Tibur, called by Virgil as Tibur Superbum (Aeneid, Lib. VII) still present in the village emblem, is said to be more ancient than Rome (1265 a.C.). Another major place of the town is certainly Villa d?Este.The innovative system used to run all the spectacular fountains of the Villa consisted of a pipes network passing under the ground and carrying water directly from the Aniene river. All fountains were activated without use of any mechanical device, but only by exploiting natural pressure. Villa D''Este and Villa Adriana are today part of the UNESCO''s heritage.


Via umberto pavoni 19


Rome 00046

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07.11.18 - 10.11.18,  3 Nächte
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